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 About Us

One of the leading MMORPG service providers, iLGold
Our commitment to you as a service provider, is to provide you quality services that cater to your every need. From the delivery of our products, to the support provided, we promise you an online shopping experience like no others.

Our History
iLGold started on a SOHO concept on our inception in 2004, as we were very new to the Virtual Item Service industry we worked on a very simple business model. As time passed, our experience grew, and we realized the vast potential the industry had to offer. Capitalizing on the huge demand for virtual services and its emerging markets, we incorporated iLGold Limited in late 2007.

With over 6 years of industry experience under our belt, we are one of the foremost MMORPG service providers, rendering services to a 200,000 strong Customer base worldwide, a clientele made up of the European, US and Middle Eastern regions on over 50 MMORPG titles.

Business Concept
Being a service-orientated company, we aim to satisfy the needs of every level of the gaming community, from the power gamers, to the casual players to the new gamers. To side step the necessity of farming which is recognized as a large time sink, we offer virtual currency packages covering a wide range of servers. Power leveling packages for the gamers who wishes to play at the level his or her friends has reached. Subscription codes and virtual item mall credits are also available at our store, gamers getting into a new game can purchase the sign up codes at a touch of a button. With the services we provide to the gaming community, gamers can now choose to avoid the usual grit and grind while being able to advance and enjoy the game content.

We also offer a plethora of payment gateways ensuring that local and international Customers can enjoy our services without hindrance. Transactions made are done over our secured servers with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an encryption technology that ensures all transaction information are not viewable by third parties.

Aside from providing services in the Virtual Item Service industry, iLGold also looks to promoting an environment that encourages fair play. We object to the usage of illegal third party programs (e.g., bots), macros and hacks/dupes and will not associate ourselves to parties or sellers who employ such methods.

Industry Expertise at your fingertips.
With over 6 years experience in the industry we have an acute knowledge of the intricacies of providing services to gamers who acquire and sell their game currencies. Our staff are required to have a background in gaming and understand what are the wants and desires of gamers, allowing us to establish delivery methods that are constantly evolving to provide better, faster and more reliable services. We provide accurate informative updates on the status of your order. Reliable, efficient and secure delivery is what our customers and sellers have come to expect from iLGold.

Unparalleled Satisfaction.
From sign-up to checkout, iLGold is with you every step of the way, our privacy policy ensures that your personal details are kept strictly confidential. Our delivery is designed to ensure safe, efficient and prompt delivery or your money back.

What's in Store for you!
› Safe and Secure Transactions. To ensure that your shopping experience is an enjoyable one, we have continued to improve our website and transaction security. We ensure your peace of mind when shopping at iLGold.
› Guaranteed Delivery of Service. Once an order is placed we will work around the clock to ensure that delivery is made. We are committed to fulfilling the order to your satisfaction.
› Order Tracking and Follow Ups. Every purchase you make on the site can be tracked by you from your "My Account" page and we make every effort to communicate changes and updates to you so that you are not left in the dark about the delivery of your currency order.

In iLGold we trust.
iLGold is built on the trust and loyalty of our users. It is our pledge to ensure that all our members are well taken care of. We thank you for your continuous support, continue to stick with us to earn big discounts and participate in exclusive promotions.

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