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The ETA is 30 mins to 48 hrs.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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  • iLGold will never ask you to return your currency in game.
  • We will always ask you to come on the Live Help or email to discuss any issue.
  • Do not give away your currency to someone claiming to be from iLGold.

  • Delivery info: For our customer's safety and convenience, we will make Person-to-Person ingame online trading of your wow gold.

    Who We Are
    ILGOLD.com is one of the leaders in the virtual service Industry. Providing hand collected virtual currency, professional Power Leveling and individual rares for sale. We supply virtual currency for all hot games at ridiculously cheap prices, we offer a full and thorough after sales service all year round (Christmas and holidays are a time of work as far as we are concerned!). We are always online or at the end of the phone if you need any help with your order.
    In addition to these low prices, our 24 hr / 365d, fully staffed, delivery team aim to supply your order within 48 hours.

    Special Deals for Low Stock :
    Occasionally, due to excessive demand, we may take longer than 48hrs to fulfill your order. On the rare chance that this happens we will inform via email or message in game. On the exceptional chance that we do not supply your gold within the allotted time frame we can offer you compensation (calculated on an individual basis and dependant upon ordered amount, time waited and current stock levels).

    Customer Security :
    For security reasons we will confirm all 1st time orders via telephone and recommend using Paypal for all orders. Please accept call verification. For additional security purposes, we do NOT arrange delivery without first contacting yourself. We will also provide screenshots of the transaction for proof of delivery.

    Customer Service & After Sales Support :
    We have a fully staffed, dedicated team of professional customer service staff ready to help. LIVE CHAT on the website in addition to a call centre as well. Boasting over 10 fully qualified customer service staff that work around the clock all day every day.

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